Topic: CPU Usage

Good Evening All,

First off all.....I love TiltViewer....and so does everyone who comes to my site! You rock!  :)

Now here's the thing. I was checking my CPU usage this evening and noticed while checking my TiltViewer gallery, that the CPU usage sometimes goes up to 60% while switching from pic to pic. Just moving the mouse takes 15/20%. It takes approx. 200/250Mb of RAM while running TiltViewer. Is this normal? I mean....I have a state of the art/fast computer so it doesn't matter for me....but a lot of ppl don't and TiltViewer being slow/large, could possibly deter them from coming again, right?

Let me know if anyone else experiences this and/or if there are solutions for this.

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Silver

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Re: CPU Usage


TiltViewer does require a fair amount of CPU to do the 3d rendering. Luckily Flash is smart enough to limit CPU usage on slower machines which will lead to a lower frame rate but won't slow down the OS.

Regarding RAM usage, this is mainly determined by the amount and size of the images you are loading. So yes TiltViewer does require a fair amount of ram to display many high rez images simultaneously, but again Flash is pretty good at managing RAM usage.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.