Topic: linking problem.


Im having some troubles with linking.
I have a main.swf with a navigation that loads multiple autoviewer.swf 's.

The problem is that once the autoviewer is called - it looks for the galleryXML and images using the main.swf as the root directory.

its looking in the /mainfolder/delivery/images
when they are actually in /mainfolder/autoviewer1/delivery/images

I know what i can just change the linkage in,

but im building this site for someone who needs to update it himself by duplicating existing scrollers and changing the images, and therefore wont have access to the .swf's.

is there a way to point autoviewer to the files relative to the autoviewer.swf --- not the main.swf that its loaded?

ive scanned the forum, and tried a few solutions, but have come up empty handed.

any help is apprecited.