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I've got a series of of images (.png) that are 960x720. If I eliminate the caption tag on an image, then autoviewer locks up when transitioning to that image, manually or automatically.

If I use various sized images (or the same image with different dimensions specified in the gallery.xml) then I can see the images get 'stacked' on the initial load where only image #1 should be. It'll step through the images with caption tags, and then fail on the one without a caption tag.

It works fine with nothing between the caption tags, but they have to be there.

Does anyone know if this has been reported or addressed before?

My system is a WinXP SP2 with Firefox2.0.0.14 and Flashplayer with autoviewer 1.4

Re: Caption Bug

try another version..
support @ alfacorsoft,com

Re: Caption Bug

It's not a version problem; it's a bug in autoviewer. I was just asking if anyone had notified the developer.

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not sure if this counts as a bug. AutoViewer expects a caption tag for each image. If you want no caption, use an empty tag.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Thanks for the reply, Felix.

I think my confusion stems from the documentation;

<caption> is the optional text caption for the image.

What you're telling me is that it's not an optional tag, just the contents are optional; which is fine, I just think that it should be documented. That's all.

Thanks again.