Topic: No pictures show on my site

Hello, I'm new at this and have made my website with a website program: studowebdesign pro. I've tryed the auto viewer and the simple vieuwer. Al I see is the viewer, but not the pictures.  :? The program has an automatic flash importer. I can give in the files I need, like the pictures and the paramaters. As you ree, I know nothing about HTML and so on. I think i have to change the name and location from the foto's, but dont know how. can anybody help me or is this to much...???? Thanks! :)
my website:

Re: No pictures show on my site

where's your gallery.xml file?
It needs to be in the same directory as your autoviewer.swf.
The images can be in a different folder, but the .xml file needs to be there.

So, where's your gallery.xml file?
can you post it?