Topic: SV not working in IE

ok ive used the search button for this and none of it helped.

im using firefox and IE 7 and when i load up the gallery in FF it works like a charm

but when i load it up in IE its just a blank screen, nothing else. i got all the available updates for adobe, and still nothing

h t t p://w w w.downeyglassindustries dot com/images/stories/Largepics/simpleviewer/viewer.swf

is the link check it out for ur self.


Re: SV not working in IE

I guess you fixed it. … pleviewer/ works for me in IE.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SV not working in IE

yea it works there, but what i wanted to do was shrink it down and stick it on the main page not have it open in a new page, is that possible?