Topic: customize the photoshop script version

I have the SimpleViewer pro, and want to use it with the photoshop script, so is there a way I can simply change the defaults to what I always want to use, plus customize the fact that I don't want any image name to appear on rollover and I want to change the color of the arrows in the viewer? I saw how to customize the viewer, but do I really have to replace the viewer.swf file each time I create a new file with the Photoshop script? Can't I have it use my newly published file all the time?

I'm new to this, but follow directions fairly well, just can't find anything to this effect on the instructions.

Re: customize the photoshop script version


you don't have to replace the swf each time. Please check the docs, section 4.3: … ml#upgrade

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.