Topic: Autoviewer (pro) images work in Safari, but not in Firefox

I'm been trying to figure out what's going on. I'm laying out the page using dreamweaver. Everything works for now under Safari as intended (i'm still finishing up).

Although, the Autoviewer won't load the images in Firefox. Everything is ok in Safari (macos, tiger, OSX 10.4.11). Under Firefox 3, I just get the Xs.

What's going on? Obviously, it is having difficulty w/ the path to the files, but if that was the case, Safari would yield similar results.

I'm not much of a coder. Help!

(btw, I have Autoviewer Pro)

Re: Autoviewer (pro) images work in Safari, but not in Firefox

and I'm encountering the same exact issue. I tried everything. Absolute and relative paths for the XML file. I even moved everything to the root folder but to no avail.

I can't imagine something like this is overlooked, right?

Furthermore, I can right click and open image in new window and it opens! Please tell me what's going on. Thanks.

the site in question?

(www) dot "jyoteen" dot (com)

in the still section, first row, last thumbnail

the direct link to the page that the shadowbox is opening is:

(www) dot "jyoteen" dot (com) slash "xdgallery" slash "xdgal2" dot html