Topic: Vertical Scrolling in PostCardViewer


I know this kind of post allready was posted here, but was long time ago and information don't fit now.

I have several (hundred) of photos to put in a webpage and want visitors to scroll web page via vertical scrollbar. I realy want to know how i can enable vertical scrollbar, cause i didn't find anyplace to enable it.

Note: I did

"remove Code:
overflow: hidden;
from your index.html source. "

Didn't work

"12. How can I add a vertical scrollbar to my SimpleViewer gallery ?
Remove this line from index.html:

overflow-y: hidden"

Didn't work

Can sameone help me?

Re: Vertical Scrolling in PostCardViewer

IMO it doesn't make sense to have a scroll bar with PostcardViewer, since the zoomed in image is always centered. I suggest you break up your gallery in multiple sub-galleries.

If you want to have a tall PCV gallery, try setting the height to the desired amount of pixels in the HTML doc.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.