Topic: Understanding Image Size

I purchased TiltViewer-Pro and now I'm tweaking it for my needs.

The gallery will feature about 500 images in different sizes.

Can I get the images to display at their native size (100%)?

Or do they always scale depending on the size of the flash movie?

What does the maxJPGSize variable do exactly?

Re: Understanding Image Size

Images in TiltViewer are always scaled depending on the browser window size. They will retain good quality.

'maxJPGSize' is used to layout the image grid. If you set it to '800' then provide 640x480 images they will appear small in the grid (more space between images). If you provide 1024x768 images they will appear large in the grid and may overlap.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Understanding Image Size

Thanks, I understand.