Topic: works localy, not on server!

so i run a photography webpage and have several galleries on the page ( and none of them work! the galleries work on my computer localy, so i'm thinking that its my server/hosting.. is there anything special that i need to have turn on in my hosting service to run this thing? (ex. php, ect..) any help would be greatly usefull! THANKS!

Re: works localy, not on server!

Got a server from Strato. Fully compatible for PHL and such stuff.
Locally it works perfect. Online not. So far, also no one replied my Entry here. Hope someone got a clue.

Well, try the original verision, as it is, unzipped. Cause, if i do
upload the unzipped, untouched version, it works.

with kind regards.

Re: works localy, not on server!

A couple of things to check:

Are your images saved as "Non-progressive"? They have to be saved this way in order to work online, but progressive images will work locally.

Also, you might check the file extensions. Once you upload everything, .jpg is different from .JPG.

What is it that isn't working? Is SimpleViewer loading but not the images? Do the thumbnails load? Does SimpleViewer load?

A little more info might help us to help you a little better...