Topic: auto viewer

I like the autoviewer, but it's bored make the file gallery.xml when you have 30 photos, for this reason i made a program in order to make the gallery.xml file.
the program is primitive, but work fine to generate the gallery.xml source.
i give the code source, I don't put the EXE, you should compile with VB 6.0

the idea is that you put the path image folder and the program generate the source for gallery.xml.
the program calculate a better size of pictures to gallery.xml  too

a preview picture of program:

img87.imageshack .  us/img87/7320/autory8.     jpg

the code is here:

sorry, but  i cant post the code, when i try it, I get this message:

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send me a email  or private to me and i give the code