Topic: Captions with Hyperlinks - not working

I'm doing some test with PcV - the sample (free version), i noticed you can put hyperlinks in the caption (gallery.xml file).

So i added the fo.variable line in the index.html file to point to the gallery.xml file . When i run PcV i can see the caption text from the gallery.xml file, but the hyperlink does not do anything . It does not start a new browser window nor open a new browser window when i click the hyperlink. If i right click the hyperlink i can see the choice box from flashmedia showin ''open, open in new window, copy shorcut''. Once again it does not work. The only thing working is the copy shortcut.

So is this a bug with the demo / free version (so i'd need the pro version), or is there something (an option) that needs to be setup either in PcV or my browser to allow the hyperlink to work ?

I only tested with IE7 .

Re: Captions with Hyperlinks - not working

Hyperlinks in postcardviewer captions will not work when run from the desktop, due to a Flash security restriction. Upload the files to a webserver to make it work.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.