Topic: Getting the caption when zoomed out.

I'm kind of confuse on the way the is working.

I'm trying to get the caption to show when it is zoomed out . I know i will have to do a resize to make it ''readable'' because it is zoomed out. But i'm not sure about the way i can do that within .

Do i have to create a second instance so that i can display the caption under the zoomed out images or can i use the current - but still what needs to be added to let it show .

Line 68 is mClip_mc._visible = false; (to hide until load), but even if i put it to ''true'' it does'nt let the caption to be visible when zoomed out.

Re: Getting the caption when zoomed out.

Added :

Ok i figured it out. I added mCaption_mc._visible = true; at the end of the Position Caption section.

Now i need to make it bigger when zoomed out .

There's always something not easy to understand at first.. :rolleyes: