Topic: tiltviewer or autoviewer with Lightroom2 or Iphoto

Hi, A few have been asking this question, and as yet no one has had a public response hence having to ask the question again.

I use LR2 mainly, am currently trying to build a photographic product website, in which i want to include a photo gallery like tilt or autoviewer. I am totally new to Websites, and have no clue how to meld what LR2, Tiltviewer and any other template can offer but im on my journey of discovery.. and would LOVE some help/guidance and an answer as to whether tiltviewer can be added to LR2 and if so how.

Imac, 2.16ghz, Intel, 2GB Ram, OX Leopard latest update,  CS3, LR2, Iphoto, DW (no clue)[/u][/b]

Re: tiltviewer or autoviewer with Lightroom2 or Iphoto

There is no official TiltViewer/Lightroom template, however The Turning Gate has released a version here. For discussion, check here.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.