Topic: Problem with IE 8 - autoviewer doesn't show any longer

Dear Felix,

I'm a big fan of your scripts and licensed some of then. After an auto-update of my Internet Explorer (8.0.6001) all flash movies embedded using swfobject are not displayed any longer. INstead the noflash-message is shown.

With the swfobject version 2.1.1 the way of embedding has changed (from that noflash-javascript thing to an <object> code) - with swfobject 2.1.1 the flash movies are also displayed in IE 8.

Unfortunately the autoviewer pro still seems to be using an older version of swfobject, that means all my galleries are not displayed:


Is there any way to get them working again in IE8? Maybe you could implement the newer swfobject into autoviewer?

Thank you very much for your help

best regards