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Is there any way to program the gallery script that would allow me to write captions and place hyperlinks BELOW the image box? I am a photographer showing my images, and want to provide captions without covering the photos....

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I also would like to place the caption outside of the image, not over it. Sad to see this question unanswered.

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Moving the captions below the photos would require modifying the source code. Please check the docs, section 2.4: … #customize

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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That's how I did it at least- just repositioned the Caption movie clip in autoviewer.fla so it was exactly where I wanted it. You can also style your type in Caption mc, i.e. size, line-height, font, etc. Check it out:
www bradeller com/new

Now my question is how to change the caption positioning based on the image it's associated with! I.e. if my image is 500px x 500px, I want the X-position of the caption to be at 510px, making a 10px gutter (padding). But if my image is only say, 250px wide, then I want the caption at 260px. Any ideas?

I recently posted this question in the Autoviewer-Pro forum but all views, no talk. Maybe it's bad form to hijack this thread and re-post my question, but hey, maybe this helps the OP ;-)