Topic: SimpleViewer Pro in Joomla?

Can I integrate simpleviewer pro into my joomla powered website?

I read a post that says all I have to do is replace a swf file, but still no images are loading into the interface.

Please help...I'm desperate :)

Re: SimpleViewer Pro in Joomla?


The MorfeoShow Joomla extension includes a simpleviewer template.

To upgrade MorfeoShow to use SimpleViewer-Pro, replace the "viewer.swf" located in the MorfeoShow install folder, with the one that comes in the SimpleViewer-Pro 'web' folder.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SimpleViewer Pro in Joomla?

I'm doing this currently, if you need any help let me know and I'll be glad to assist!


Re: SimpleViewer Pro in Joomla?

I'm trying to do the same. I've replaced the viewer.swf with the version from SV Pro & it's removed the simpleviewer link but now seems to ignore the navpadding settings which are set in morfeoshow.
I've even tried overriding these xml settings by putting navpadding in the file & re-publishing the viewer.swf but still no joy.

Any suggestions?