Topic: Small white squares

Am having a showstopping problem.

Create a postcardviewer album which renders perfectly on local drive.
Can adjust sizes/columns etc without any problems.

However, as soon as I publish it to the web, lots of little white squares appear instead of some of the pictures.

Checking the activity of the page, these white squares correspond to 404 errors where the image files have not been found.

The images are all there however on the server.

Browser type doesn't change anything.

This has been published to a .mac server.

I have even published the default postcardviewer folder to no avail, see

Any ideas?



Re: Small white squares

I am seeing the small white boxes instead of the large images when using version 1.8. I do not have this issue with version 1.7 galleries. Also, Ihave reviewed the file names, permissions, and progressive format of the jpg files All appears to be ok, but image will not load. Thumbnail images are ok. Any suggestions?