Topic: Newby needs patient help!

I'm sorry about this.  I've looked over this forum and everyone seems to be having more advanced problems than me. My problem is: I don't know how to begin.

I've downloaded the SimpleViewer file.  On the site, its says that using a program like Porta is the easiest way.  I downloaded this.  On the Porta website, it says you can create it using HTML or SimpleViewer.  Yet when I open up Porta, I can find no option to use it in SimpleViewer-I can only create the html version (which I don't prefer).

Beyond this, I'm lost.  I'm not a web guru and I could use a "for dummies" version of how I can put SimpleViewer up on my blog for picture viewing (I use blogger).

Is there anyone who could give me a step by step guide to how to use this program?  I think once I get off the ground, the FAQ and such will be fine, but until then I'm a little lost.  I've searched other sites online too and haven't been able to find the basic help I need.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but if I could get some help I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks.

Re: Newby needs patient help!

when I open up Porta, I can find no option to use it in SimpleViewer

Yes it is a little hidden. In the Porta options screen, check the checkbox that says "Use SimpleViewer as primary album viewer".

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.