Topic: Captions the Width of Movie or Transparent PNG Support?

I think I have reached the limit of what Autoviewer Pro can do for me :(

I have some very narrow images that I am displaying and the captions for them, combined with image numbering just isn't displaying correctly (i.e. there's not enough width) So... there's two solutions:

1) Make wider source images using transparent PNG's, but I don't believe AV Pro supports these, or

2) Change the code so that the captions/image numbering is aligned left and right based on the width of the overall Flash movie size (is constantly fixed) and not on the dynamic width of the images.

If the latter, what part of the or should I change in order to do this. I've tried several things with the mCaption variable myself, but it has now gone beyond my coding knowledge.

Can anyone offer assistance please? Thanks!