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I have two issues for which I seek assistance:
(btw, www dylanwrites com/test/work html is the site I am referring to)

Zoom- I have set the size of images to a certain pixel dimension, in hope that they will shown full size in the content space I've allotted for the tiltplayer.  Unfortunately, the images will not zoo, in as much as I'd like them to. Is there a way to control the zoom of images? 

Flip Icon - Is there a way to remove the 'flip' icon without taking away the ability to flip the images and see the description on the other side?

Thanks ya'll!

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TiltViewer-Pro allows you to set the zoom amounts via the 'zoomedInDistance' and 'zoomOutDistance' config options: … tions.html

Removing the flip icon for flippable images is not supported.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.