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Im trying to get the simple viewer on a myspace band profile

I followed the FAQ

created an account with freehostia com
which gave me a subdomain of aviante freehostia com

used PORTA to create a gallery It created a folder entitled ALBUMS

in this folder was the following

gallery xml


I uploaded all the files and the additional files in each folder to my subdomain using freehostias controlpanel

I viewed the site in a browser "aviante freehostia com"

it registered the background color I wanted but the simple viewer was not there only some text

if anyone sees anything that I missed or did wrong please any help would be greatly appreciated I would love to have this viewer for the band profile

Re: Simple assistance

you can find the FAQ instructions I followed

I believe it was number 25 on the list

Re: Simple assistance

www airtightinteractive com / simpleviewer / faq html

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no assistance, sux being nooby lol

Oh well it would have been nice, ill keep messing around I suppose


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was the text you saw the error message saying you needed flash to run the script?

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"was the text you saw the error message saying you needed flash to run the script?"

Yes, I have the same problem. I created the gallery in Photoshop and successfully changed number of thumbnails, background colour etc. When I pointed a hyperlink embedded in a picture, I got the above error message.

I am also rebuilding the site in FrontPage and copied the files into a folder and when I tried to view the /index.html page, I got the same error message again.

Can anyone please help??? :rolleyes: