Topic: pictures dont show up online

hey, i really hope you can help out.
when im creating the gallery and test the index.html offline, everything works fine.
but when i upload the embed pages to my server and view them online, there are just x's instead of the thumbnails and the main image is just as big as all 3 columns.
here you can take a look at the problem:
www dot
smoqdesign dot awardspace dot

i already tried to change the file extensions to .txt or .abc, but nothing works.
the images are correctly linked because otherwise the hp couldnt show up the original image, could it?

thanks in advance for help

Re: pictures dont show up online

I  just took a quick look at your site.  Here are some things to check:

- I found the images subdirectory, and the picture knight.jpg.  But where are the thumbnails?  There should be a thumbs subdirectory too, with a matching set of files by name for thumbnails.

- Your gallery.xml file has empty strings for imagePath and thumbPath:

imagePath="" thumbPath=""

Try filling in these values:

imagePath="images/" thumbPath="thumbs/"

- Dont change the file extensions to .abc or .txt - just use .jpg, etc. like the files are supposed to have.

-- Paul

Re: pictures dont show up online

okay thanks, i didnt know that.
so how do i create the thumbnails? just resize the images to a smaller size and copy them to the thumbs folder? i dont really get it :l

Re: pictures dont show up online

That's basically it.  I use IrfanView (free), it will do batch resize of a whole directory of files.   Simpleviewer will sample from the middle of the picture, when you create your thumb, you are in control of what gets sampled and displayed.

Re: pictures dont show up online

thanks, it worked!
would never have got it on my own.
now the last problem is how to get the main image bigger :l
when i set navposition to top, they're bigger.
how can i fix this?

Re: pictures dont show up online

Well this is where you are at the mercy of the automatic scaling and positioning that SV-free does for you.  You can make the entire Flash widget bigger by adjusting this line in the HTML file:

    var fo = new SWFObject("viewer.swf", "viewer", "520", "600", "8", "#181818");

In my case, 520 is the width and 600 the height.  (I needed this much height because one of my captions is very long.  This is part of the finagling that is needed with SV-free - with SV-Pro, you get more precise control over where things go and how they are sized.)

In gallery.xml, you have these attributes on the simplegallery tag:

maxImageWidth="400" maxImageHeight="400" 

This sets up a main image area 400x400 for displaying the big images.  You can set these to be bigger, but be sure this stays inside the widget size you specified in the HTML file.

Re: pictures dont show up online

thanks, everything worked out fine (:

i know this doesnt belong here, but could anyone tell me why the page is only working in google chrome? every other browser doesnt show the css :l