Topic: loading svManager created gallery from flash


I am working on a flash website that loads a SV gallery using the following code provided by AirTight.

import com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options;
_global.SVStageWidth = 480;
_global.SVStageHeight = 320;
function loadGallery(galName){
    _root.xmlDataPath = galName;  

That works fine as long as my xml is in the root of the website. Using svManager, galleries get created inside of the svmanager folder, knowing this, I changed the path in the loadGallery () to


Unfortunately this creates a gallery that consists of white X's. Has anyone sucessfully loaded xml files from flash that are not in the root of the website?

Thank you

Re: loading svManager created gallery from flash

Are you using SimpleViewer-Pro? SV-Pro includes examples of how to load SimpleViewer into a shell SWF.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: loading svManager created gallery from flash

Thank you for the reply Felix. The code I used is from the SV-PRO example. Their example unfortunately only shows gallery.xml files being loaded from the root.

Any one else have an idea? Thank you again.