Topic: Background jpg, tile possibble?

Hi,  Felix and community

My prob is the background.
Before i used wmode =transparent but in mozilla the page gets very slow
I googled and found that "multiple swfs in mozilla causing slowdownd when wmode=transparent"
In my page all images and thumbnails are swfs .;)
Yes thats true, if i delete that param, my pages fast in both ie and mozilla (win/linux) So i think i must live without background jpg
But now i dload V1.8, and recognized new xml option "background image"
I tried, and it work great without slowdown in mozilla and i have background jpg
But unfortunately the little jpg not tiled, it magnified to fullscr
Is it a way to make background tiled? :?:

Thanks.....(you can see what i talk, here: )

Re: Background jpg, tile possibble?

There isnt a way to tile a background JPG. You can load a SWF as the background image and tile an image in the swf.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Background jpg, tile possibble?

Hi s5vi
Your link isn't working. can you post when it is up and running?


in order to better assist you, please provide a url, relevant code and details about your problem.

Re: Background jpg, tile possibble?

Thanks for your tip Felix,

Meanwhile i tried that, i make a 1600x1200 swf tiled with my jpg (filesize will be very small! original jpg=1.7k big swf=1.7k)

I have a prob when i resize browser window. Background swf also resized. :(
But the result is quite good this is a minor prob. (I will try to set noresize in background swf)
My goal is, my page and swf's fill browser's window 100%.
Simpleviewer is good, automatically resized and follow  window size correctly.

Flash ho, my page is permanently upgraded, and changed. but usually available. Main multilanguage page at
english page to introduce applications developed by me is:


Re: Background jpg, tile possibble?

Last night i found it.

I fighted with background image problem
I want to "noresize" image when window is resized, or screen resolution changed.

1. try: set backgroundImagePath="bg.jpg" in gallery.xml file.
Bad, the image not tiled but resized to fullscr, quite ugly, my jpg is 200x100.

2. try: make a 1600x1200 tiled swf from this jpg.
Bad, the swf itself resizes.

3. try: make Stage.scaleMode="noScale" in flash
Good, the swf not resizes the image.
But bad, when i set backgroundImagePath="bg.swf" in gallery.xml file, Simpleviewer force to resize that bg.swf

4. try: Make a master swf name comboview.swf, and invoke viever.swf, and bg.swf (which is noScaled, see 3.try)

loadMovieNum( "viewer.swf",10);
loadMovieNum( "bg.swf",9);

This works as i want. bg picture tiled and its size not changed when i resize window.
Overhead in size is minimal master comboview.swf is 127 byte, and bg swf is 1.7kbyte (this is a 200x100 jpg tiled up 1600x1200)

You can see it here: