Topic: TV-P sizing to leave footer space

Okay, so what I'm doing is a small portfolio site. I want to have a header bar on the top, then have the tiltviewer under that, then have a footer bar at the very bottom of the page. I've got the header and footer bar to work right, but I'm having trouble with the tiltviewer. See, I don't want it to have a fixed height. I want it to scale with the size of the page, and still allow for the footer to be fully displayed at the bottom. I'm thinking it might be something to do with the "margin-Bottom property, but I'm not sure where to apply it. Optimally, I'd like the user not to need to scroll down to see the entire page, regardless of screen size.

Any pointers?

Re: TV-P sizing to leave footer space

Is your header and footer in flash or HTML?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: TV-P sizing to leave footer space

It's in HTML. Actually, I think I figured it out. I just wasn't making the bottom margin big enough. I increased it, and poof, there was my footer bar. Now I just have to figure out why the page displays different in each browser I test it in. Fun!