Topic: Change location of 'gallery.xml' without reload, ajax, php..

hey, i'm new! have used the forums for months but have yet to post a query. you're a useful lot. gimmi some insight:

I'd like to dynamically change the gallery.xml link via a href link on my site, I have three galleries. At the moment they are on three seperate pages. Which is no fun. I'm looking for a hack that will allow us to switch the:

 fo.addVariable("xmlURL", ".../gallery.xml");

to two alternate [and previously defined] galleries. they must load in the same place as the currently running gallery. get me?

The whole idea is this switch is done without reloading the whole site. Tried with an rcp hack - based on some simple ajax tutorial, works for divs, why can't there be a document.getElementById for javascript elements. No dice.

Some ideas would be wonderful. Thanks chaps.

- Callum.