Topic: Images not resizing after rebuild with Adobe CS4/Flash

First off, awesome apps. Loved them enough to pay for both autoviewer pro and simpleviewer pro. I've seen your gallery used all over, and love it.

Now, onto the question:

Here is what I did: (on a Mac)
- unzip autoviewer pro zip into a folder
- opened with Adobe CS4/Flash(30day trial)
- exported as SWF Movie
- loaded the new SWF onto site.
- Images are no longer scaled down to fit within the stage

The autoviewer-free and autoviewer-pro/original scales down the images to fit on the stage.

I've tried tweaking the stage scale setting, to no avail. I've tried re-unzip'in in case I messed something up.

Is there a publishing option I needed to use to get the images to scale to fit onto the stage again?




PS. Here are links to a "before" and "after"

Using the pro version, original:
64 62 190 109/test1/

Using the pro version, recompiled:
64 62 190 109/test1pro/test1/