Topic: Photos do not show - Error in XML document


  I have built my Autoviewer gallery using the Photoshop CS3 Script (latest version, 1.4). When running the gallery from my PC's hard drive, all is fine. When viewing from the webserver, the images do not show.  I have verified that :

-My images are non-progressive
-The webserver does not use Hotlink Protection
-The paths and filenames correspond perfectly (case has been verified)

I am using Netfirms as my web service provider. They automatically place an add on top of my main (index) page. Could that be the problem?

(triple w) (dot) pf1 (dot) ca
(triple w) (dot) pf1 (dot) ca (slash) gallery xml

I get this error message when I try to open my gallery xml document from the server:
"Only one top level element is allowed in an XML document. Error processing resource '... gallery xml'. Line 25, ..

Help please!
Fred :cry:

Re: Photos do not show - Error in XML document

your gallery.xml file is incorrect. try re-uploading the one that was generated in your gallery folder.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Photos do not show - Error in XML document

Hi Felix, thanks for your input.  I have tried several times to re-upload the files, it gives the same error. I have even tried using SimpleViewer instead.. same thing, images do not show ( I see two Xs)

I'm really starting to think it is because of the add banner my service provider places on top of the page.

Firefox tells me there is an error in the code for the banner.. and the error console gives me this:
Security Error: Content at  (h ttp) googleads g doubleclick net/ may not load data from  (triple w)  pf1 (dot)  ca

Re: Photos do not show - Error in XML document

   My friend just found out my webserver does not support relative paths, so the URLs for the images were changed to a full path. Still the problem persists.  Perhaps I must also change the path to the gallery xml file?   If so, were must it be changed ? 

Thank you for your support