Topic: Autoviewer + Simpleviewer on the same html page ?

hi there,

i tried to get a simpleviewer gallery and a autoviewer gallery on the same html (website's need) but cant get it work.

I first included the autoviewer, works great.
I comented (html) it and then included the simpleviewer a little bit further, works great too.

But when i uncomment the first one to get the two galleries working, my autoviewer gallery is turning into the simpleviewer galllery (!) and where i should get the simpleviewer (second one, further) i just have the message :"SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get Flash.".

I'm turning pretty crazy about that and really need it, so i anyone had a clue i'd love to hear it.


Re: Autoviewer + Simpleviewer on the same html page ?

To embed 2 galleries on one HTML page, ensure you give each viewer a different div id. See example here: … eviewer_x2

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Autoviewer + Simpleviewer on the same html page ?

Hey Felix

I've been using simpleviewer pro for a long time now, and have been trying to apply it to a new project but I'm running into a new problem that I've never really had to deal with before.

Essentially I am having the same problem addressed in this topic already, except I'm not embedding multiple SVs into one HTML page, but one SWF.  I am using XML to load many SVs in a long line running down a dynamic flash file.  Each project has it's own SV without the thumbs or anything just images with the ability to go prev or next on each image.

Simple right?  Not really because each new SV loads its own gallery.xml file, but each one then overwrites the previous one.  So all the SVs essentially are coming off the same variable.

Since I can't assign DIV IDs into the swf, is there a way I can assign new instance names or something so that each one loads its own gallery.xml file and are not all running on the same one?

If you can figure out an easy fix for this, that would make my week!!!

Re: Autoviewer + Simpleviewer on the same html page ?

Ok so after much fooling around, basically I just need to set the xmldatapath at export instead of runtime and hardcode it into each Simpleviewer instance so that it doesn't get overwritten each time.

All i need to know, is where in the AS is the xmldatapath set ?  I know xmldatapath is a SwfObject parameter but there is no swfobject since i'm embedding them in a flash file.

Please Felix!!! Tell me where the xml path is located in the AS.  Can't find it really in