Topic: svmanager.php = blank screen

Trying to install svmanager.  I changed permissions and SVMTEST runs fine.

When I go to mydomain com/svmanger, I go to a screen that says "Galleries - You have no galleries" with a link to "Admin Sign In". 

When I click the link, it takes me to mydomain com/svmanager/svmanager php and that's where my trouble is.  When I try with Firefox, I get a blank/white screen with nothing.  With IE, it's "The website cannot display the page".

I've also tried going directly to /svmanager/svmanager php and I get the same thing.

I have the latest version of java installed.  This is not a godaddy server.

Your thoughts would be appreciated :)

edit - in response to comments from a similar post in Nov '08:

Re: svmanager.php = blank screen

Ok, I'm I deleted/reuploaded svmanager a third time and it worked.  The first two times I uploaded it via a Mac FTP client.  The last time I used windows WSFTP - that's the one that worked. 

Sorry to have wasted a forum post and even more sorry to reply to my own post :oops: (one of my own pet peeves lol)

I'll leave this for a mod to delete if appropriate. 

Thank you

Re: svmanager.php = blank screen

Better (imho) to reply to your own post than leave the issue dangling when it's been fixed. I'm surprised that you had a problem with Mac ftp. I use Transmit on my Mac and it's always been just fine. The other possible culprit is the archive utility when you unzip the files. I always use the one that's built into the operating system.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.