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I'm a neebie.....
I layouted a page with sv, upgraded to sv pro, and got rid of that link in the lower right corner after copying that 1 file into the apropriate file, no problem.
I printed out the sv pro action scripts options as I want to change to "enableLooping", "enablePlayButton", "displayTime" and maybe others.
I got the file changed  (from the unzipped downloadfolder) and wanted to copy this onbe into Lightroom? No folder in this name!
I thought I'll have more buttons compared to the "free" version in Lightroom to take care of all the settings, but now it seems I have to learn flash, isn't it?
Please help!
thanks in advance,

Re: settings within lightroom & "" file

The options in Lightroom or Photoshop or any other exporter remain the same. The changes you can make with simpleviewer pro are made in flash. Some of the basic changes such as those in the are easy to make and do not require much knowledge of flash.

Actionscript Options
How to make the Actionscript Options changes

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.