Topic: Embedding Tiltviewer into DotNetNuke website.

Hi, I'm trying to use tiltviewer on a Dotnetnuke website. I've set up the gallery.xml file and used the example index.html file that displays the images. I've then placed a text/html module in my dotnetnuke website and clicked on Source to paste in the html in index.html file. All works OK locally when loading the index.html file.

However I get a black screen with the words 'Get flash here' at the top of the editor in DotNetNuke, and when I update the page nothing appears in the module container. If I simply insert tiltviewer.swf as a flash object in the editor tiltviewer displays OK but doesn't use my images (It appears to use a random set of images)

How do you use tiltviewer with DNN?

Many Thanks.

Re: Embedding Tiltviewer into DotNetNuke website.

If I insert a document module and point a document to tiltindex.html when I open the document I get a black screen with text that says "Tiltviewer requires javascript and the latest flash player Get Flash Here" even though flash is installed and I've uploaded all the tiltviewer files to my website.