Topic: Postcard viewer will not load properly..pleas help

Hi again
Last post got refused as i entered code of my website.I did everything properly to the best of my knowledge. But when I try to look at it, all that comes up in the browser when I click on the postcard viewer index dot html in the var/www/html directory for 'postcard viewer' is : "PostcardViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get Flash here." and no images show. (I have Java and Flash)
I have cleaned the paths to the images and tested the XML on my computer when editing it.I renamed all the images so there wouldnt be any confusion with other images. I just am stumped?
When I go to the directory it reads " /var/www/html/postcardviewer/postcardviewer" which maybe wrong. I am doing this manually and am using IE7 works on my desk top fine but just wont work on the web.
Anyhelp would be appreciated and a beer will be yours should you come to Australia!

Re: Postcard viewer will not load properly..pleas help

could you post your URL? Use yoursite (dot) com as the format so the forum will let you post it.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.