Topic: run buildgallery.php automatically

Thank you in advance,

Is there a way where I can run Buildgallery.php automatically. What I mean is where I don't have to press the submit button every time.

I would like to include buildgallery.php  in another PHP document. SO when the other document loads it will update the XML and create a thumbnail automatically.

If you are still confuse I will update more.

but over all I would like to update my thumbnails and XML automatically without clicking Submit

Re: run buildgallery.php automatically

I can't think of a really easy way to do this. Maybe somebody else can?

It might be easier to start with BuildGallery 1.9 rather than the version 2 beta. You could use a php include statement in your other document to run it. The problem would be that you'd need to suppress the output from buildgallery or you'll get an html page inside an html page. You could try just putting the include statement inside html comment tags. Or if you are conversant with php then you could buffer the output from buildgallery and discard it. Or you could hack buildgallery itself by commenting out all the print statements that you don't need. You might want to leave the error messages intact.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.