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Im trying to embed TV pro in my flash movie for several hours now...
I did use the code from flash_embed.fla yet the results I get aren't what I need.

Got my main movie set to 2500 x 2000 pixels size. No scale so it always shows the center of the scene and the bigger screen resolution, the more background you will see.

when I load TV into the movie the alignment changes to top_left corner of the scene which I don't want to.. I want it to stay where it was and nothing works...

Even if I change position of the TV in the code so it appears +/- in the center of my stage but it still loads in the top left corner and then reposition itself so the visible area of the whole scene remains from the moment the TV was loaded... in top left corner...

After publishing it and changing view to 'show all' in the player (to see the whole 2500x2000 scene and find out what the hell is happening) TV is actually still visible only in the area that was visible just after publishing which means that if I reposition it for about 600px to the right it appears cropped from the right...

Is there any way to embed TV into the center of my movie without ruining the original look of it?

here is a screenshot of what it looks like:
www hopson pl/test/tilt.png

Re: limitations?

I would take a look at where the registration point (the + symbol) is for the empty movie clip you are loading tiltviewer into, is it in the center of the clip or the upper left? If you edit your clip your can use the align tool (Ctrl k) to align the clip to registration point and in your properties tab (Ctrl F3) set the xy of the registration point.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: limitations?

Thank you for any response at all

unfortunately it doesnt matter what registration point I set :-/

the only difference is when I align it to top left corner I can actually see the tiltviewer somewhere between top/left and the center.

if I align it closer to the center it still loads but cant see anything because its behind this 'magic' border showed on the screenshot..

so the more I align it to the center the less of it I can see because of this weird 'masking' effect

and last but not least... it still jumps my no_scale scene to the top_left corner when it is loading instead of keeping it centered...

Re: limitations?

ok I've managed to get rid of the 'magic boundary' by resizing the container clip to about 160% :o :)

but still it jumps to the top_left corner of the scene... is there any cure for that?

Re: limitations?

managed to deal with that too. the way I did it was wacky as hell tho


    root.x = -450;
    root.y = -500;

to the main code

still looking for more elegant solution for the problem.
If anyone would help please.

Re: limitations?


loading tiltviewer sets the SWF to use Align Top Left. To handle resizing of the shell SWF, please check the code in the Flash embed example FLA.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.