Topic: Uploading a Tiltviewer Project to a Site ?

Hello Everyone...
I'm hoping someone can help me.
I have installed Tiltviewer into my Photoshop CS3 and I can run it in an Auto script to create a tiltgallery. When I click the index the viewer opens up perfectly with my images in Fire fox on my desktop.
the problems arise when I try to upload this to my web site. It is Homestead an idiot proof building site.
I can load tiltviewer as a media file (swf) and it comes up but showing default images not mine.
I can add the index as an HTML....but that doesn't work either.
Is there any way of creating the gallery and embedding my images into the (swf File ) ?? Or any other way to make this work ?
It is an amazing tool if I can just get it working.
Please Help
Thanks so much.....

Re: Uploading a Tiltviewer Project to a Site ?

I can load tiltviewer as a media file (swf) and it comes up but showing default images not mine.

Did you remember to upload the gallery.xml and the image folder with images that should have been exported when you ran the photoshop script?

If you post your URL I can take a look at how you are embedding it into to your HTML also.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Uploading a Tiltviewer Project to a Site ?

Hi Mike...
Here is the address.....
I'm trying all kinds of different things.....

www eyetothesoul com/morethanafeeling html

I have posted script from the gallery file and the swf object file...LOL...I think. Again I'm green.

The only way the viewer shows up is if I load the tiltviewer file as a media file.... i can't seem to get xml files onto the page.
Let me know if I'm anywhere close or if I'm so messed up there is no savin'
thanks so much for your help.
By the way...the site gets you to load everything into a general files folder. and so I have uploaded everything that CS created in regards to the slide show.... not sure how to bring it all together for this specific page though.

Re: Uploading a Tiltviewer Project to a Site ?

Ok few things.

Your image files names should not have spaces or & in them, such as "Kim & Mike Wedding -0183.jpg". You will need to rename the images and change your gallery.xml file to match.

Edit morethanafeeling.html in a text editor like notepad and change the following.

You have two </head> and <title> tags, remove the <title>TiltViewer</title> at about line 13 and </head> at about line 41.

Remove lines at about 44 to 101 this is your gallery.xml and should not be in your html.

        <photo imageurl="images/Blend 10.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Blend 10.jpg</title>

        <photo imageurl="images/Blend 6 &#40;2&#41;.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Blend 6 &#40;2&#41;.jpg</title>
        <photo imageurl="images/DSC_0015.jpg" showFlipButton="true">

        <photo imageurl="images/DSC_0022 Haze 2.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>DSC_0022 Haze 2.jpg</title>
        <photo imageurl="images/DSC_0023.jpg" showFlipButton="true">

        <photo imageurl="images/DSC_0154.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
        <photo imageurl="images/DSC_0178 B.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>DSC_0178 B.jpg</title>

        <photo imageurl="images/DSC_0313.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
        <photo imageurl="images/Kim & Mike Wedding -0183.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Kim & Mike Wedding -0183.jpg</title>

        <photo imageurl="images/Wedding 18.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Wedding 18.jpg</title>
        <photo imageurl="images/Wedding 22.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Wedding 22.jpg</title>

        <photo imageurl="images/Wedding 28.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Wedding 28.jpg</title>

finally replace

<object classid="clsid&#58;D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http&#58;//,0,0,0" height="606" width="804" id="element22"><param name="movie" value="files/TiltViewer.swf">
<param name="play" value="true">
<param name="loop" value="false">
<param name="quality" value="autohigh">
<embed src="files/TiltViewer.swf" pluginspage="http&#58;//" height="606" play="true" quality="high" width="804" loop="false"><noembed><a href="http&#58;//">Flash Required</a></noembed>
<div class="c2"><a href="http&#58;//">Flash Required</a></div>


<div id="flashcontent">TiltViewer requires JavaScript and the latest Flash player. 
<a href="http&#58;//">Get Flash here.</a></div>
<script type="text/javascript">                
var fo = new SWFObject&#40;"TiltViewer.swf", "viewer", "804", "606", "9.0.28", "#000000"&#41;;

// To use an option, uncomment it by removing the "//" at the start of the line
// For a description of config options, go to&#58;           

// To use images from Flickr, uncomment this block      
//fo.addVariable&#40;"useFlickr", "true"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"user_id", "48508968@N00"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"tags", "jump,smile"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"tag_mode", "all"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"showTakenByText", "true"&#41;;

// To use local images defined in an XML document, use this block
fo.addVariable&#40;"useFlickr", "false"&#41;;
fo.addVariable&#40;"xmlURL", "gallery.xml"&#41;;

fo.addVariable&#40;"useReloadButton", "false"&#41;;
fo.addVariable&#40;"columns", "3"&#41;;
fo.addVariable&#40;"rows", "3"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"bkgndInnerColor", "0xFFFFFF"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"bkgndOuterColor", "0xFFFFFF"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"frameColor", "0xAAAAAA"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"navButtonColor", "0x000000"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"showFlipButton", "true"&#41;;
fo.addVariable&#40;"showLinkButton", "false"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"linkLabel", "View image info"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"backColor", "0xDDDDDD"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"langGoFull", "Go Fullscreen"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"langExitFull", "Exit Fullscreen"&#41;;
//fo.addVariable&#40;"langAbout", "About"&#41;;


once you have that done we'll see how it works and go from there.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.