Topic: Auto Play: Relocate play/pause button

hello SV forum -

hopping to learn about how to customize location of the SV autoplay play/pause button. looking to customize the default bottom of image location of play/pause. wanting to move the button to the center of the image.

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Re: Auto Play: Relocate play/pause button

There is no setting in the to control the location of the play button, so you will have to edit its positioning in

Line 235

mPlayBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx + w/2 - mPlayBtn.btnWidth/2,imgy + h - mPlayBtn.btnHeight);
Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Auto Play: Relocate play/pause button

thanx for the quick reply mike,

that did it! modifying the line you pointed out i gained control over play button alignment i was after.

to center play button line 235 of was modified to:

mPlayBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx + w/2 - mPlayBtn.btnWidth/2,imgy + h/2 - mPlayBtn.btnHeight/2);

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