Topic: Strange link behaviour

Hi!  I recently purchased tilt viewer pro for flash and have used absolute links to other pages in my site.  Out of the 4 links only one works and all links are correct as far as their paths.  I have edited the xml gallery in dreamweaver cs3, saved it and uploaded the new saved version.  Still not working.   Links work perfectly in local view.  I have all files relating to TiltViewer in a folder on my local computer and have uploaded the folder many times but still only the one link working.  Do I have to redo the swf file and index folder from scratch to make it work or will simply editing the xml file and saving and uploading work.  Only tile 6 works, 4,7 and 9 dont work.  Hope you can help, as I have read all documentation and wasted alot of time trying to resolve this issue.

Here is the link to the index file: … index.html

Re: Strange link behaviour

when I go to … allery.xml the following error is thrown.

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: … allery.xml
Line Number 30, Column 106:        <photo imageurl="images/Img6Beach.jpg" linkurl=""showFlipButton="true">

Either remove showFlipButton="true" for add a space between the it and the URL.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Strange link behaviour