Topic: Using SimpleViewer in Tumblr

I don't have my own web server but I have an active tumblr account as well as a dropbox account which acts as my server. I've been able to upload my gallery folders to my dropbox public account and get them working: … index.html

But I can't figure out how to embed the simpleviewer into one of my tumblr posts (which is what I would ideally like to do). I'm able to embed all the html code into the home page but it just pops up as an empty box. Also, I would like to embed the viewer into a post (as averse to the homepage). Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Using SimpleViewer in Tumblr

I would also like to know about this - I know in SimpleViewer v 2.x you can use FlickR as the image source, does anyone know if that would work?

Re: Using SimpleViewer in Tumblr

Did you try the iFrame method described here: … l#external

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.