Topic: TiltViewer Thumb / Full Size Images Problem


How to increase spacing between thumbs and be able to see the single photo (after I zoom in) in full resolution ?? (is "maxJPGSize" the only way to do it?). Because when I type the max image resolution I have in my gallery (for example 800px) thumbs look fine but when I zoom into the particular image it is shown in much smaller resolution than original photo(approx 600x400 - not 800x533 as the full size photo) (It happens in the full size mode as well  - image resolution is smaller than 800x533). My windows resolution is 1200x800 (standard for 15.4" laptop). When I reduce the max size for thumbs ("maxJPGSize"), for example to 550px, thumbs are overlapping but then when I zoom into the image I can see it in the bigger resolution (such as 800x533 or even bigger).

Any Advice?

Re: TiltViewer Thumb / Full Size Images Problem

When an image is selected and the camera is zoomed in, the image size will automatically fit the size of the browser window. With TiltViewer-Pro there are additional options to control image size: 'zoomedInDistance' and 'zoomedOutDistance'

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.