Topic: not updating imge folder name


I am using your demo version of simpleviewer. where visitor will see different album's images. But we are facing two major problem using your product.

1. we have to maintain two folders for thumb and big image. While other gallery provide the facility to have same. even they do the autothumbing.
2. To overcome the above problem i used buildgallery.php and passed the variables like buildgallery.php?imagePath=myimage&thumbPath=mythumb

but it is not refeshing the gallery. i have changed rest of the things and it is reflecting in xml file. I think we should avoid using your products. it is not upto the mark. do we have any other options or suggestion to get it right.

Re: not updating imge folder name

You can have all of your galleries use the same thumbs and images folder you just have to point them to the folder either in the XML or your PHP script. You can use svManager or Gallery with the Simpleviewer Module to manage the galleries.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.