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Topic: "Gallery XML Not Found" error

I am currently working on my first project using SvManager - integrating galleries into an existing page by parsing the files generated by SvManager.

Most things work fine, but I am having some serious trouble with PostCardViewer.

The flash object does not seem to work when using a different index file, that the one generated by SvManager.
Specifically, when the file that calls the .swf does not reside in the same folder as the referring file.

http://comsys.dk/pernillevest/svmanager/g6/ - works

http://comsys.dk/pernillevest/?g=3 - returns "Gallery XML not found"

http://comsys.dk/pernillevest/?g=0 - Works - generated same way as previous link, but SimpleViewer chosen as the gallery type.

I have spent ages trying to figure out what goes wrong, and it seems that the
fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath") does nothing at all - which would explain this behaviour.

Quite frustrating - as I need the PostCardViewer galleries to be integratable....

Re: "Gallery XML Not Found" error

Well, I solved the issue now, by decompiling the SWF file to see what it was actually looking for.

As it turns out, PostcardViewer does not take the argument "xmlDataPath", but instead "xmlURL".

I might have missed this when reading the documentation, if so, I apologize - otherwise: let's please have some updated documention for all of us wanting to integrate these great viewers into our existing sites!

Re: "Gallery XML Not Found" error

Correct, you can find that on the options page under the heading HTML Options.

xmlURL      "gallery.xml"      Relative or absolute URL of the gallery XML file. Relative paths are relative to the HTML page that contains the swf.


Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.