Topic: Path fault across domains

I am trying to host my images on a different server to my main site.

I have changed the images and thumbs path in the xml file, and have used a trailing /

The images do not show, but when right clicked, and opened in a new window at full size, they do.

Any ideas?


Re: Path fault across domains

Do you have hot linking/image stealing protection? If so make sure you allow your your site to grab the images, beyond that please post the URL for your gallery.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Path fault across domains

I am currently hosting the site here:

The images are being grabbed from here:

Both sites are identical at the moment, one is hosting from my ISP, the other a home server.

I will be moving things around - I know it makes little sence the way it is set up at the moment!

Re: Path fault across domains

The missing images are caused by a cross domain security violation. Flash does not allow a SWF to load images from a different domain, unless that domain explicitly allows image loading via a crossdomain.xml file. This applies to different sub-domains also (e.g. versus

The easiest solution is to move your images and and gallery files onto the same sub-domain.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Path fault across domains

Umm, ok.

I was going to run my site from the home server as this allows me to use perl and some php.

I wanted to host the images on my ISP's free webspace to allow quicker loading of the images (my home server is not going to dish images out quickly).

It's not life or death - I am more playing than anything else!