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I have on question about TiltViewer:

In some simpleviewer i can download photos by "right click" button " Save Image as..." But in TiltViewer i can't do .
Is it possible? I want to purchase the source code and sv manager but if i don't save images....

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Thank's a lot.

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Re: TiltViewer "save image as..."

Hi. I like to join this topic too. I have bought the Pro version and like to know if this feature exists. I want people to be able to right click an image when it is enlarged and have the option to save it. Does this exists in TiltViewer? If not, then when? Thanks.

Re: TiltViewer "save image as..."


this feature is not currently supported in TiltViewer. The workaround is to the use the 'linkUrl' property to link to the image URL. Then use the Use the 'linkLabel' XML option to set the link text to 'Open Image in new Window' .

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: TiltViewer "save image as..."

Thanks. I see the workaround now. But, I have lots of pics and entering the "photos image url" one by one in the "linkurl", will take me forever. I see this workaround to be useful if someone only has a few pic's. I really hope you guys can implement an option in the XML file that the "linkurl" can be set to the specific "photo imageurl". Hope soon. Thanks.