Topic: Added backgroundImageFile path to gallery.xml page & site won't load

Hi there,
Created a website with a couple of SimpleViewer galleries embedded (I use iPhoto FlashAlbum Exporter to generate my galleries).

Worked great after uploading to my host.

But, then I decided I wanted to have the background to the galleries the same grey background of the site, instead of default black for the gallery background. So, I inserted the file path of the .jpg for the background in the image path on the gallery.xml page in the field backgroundImagePath=" ".

When I view in my browser from Dreamweaver CS4, it looks great!

When I upload the files to my host, suddenly the site will not load. The folks at my host just saw the 'no style information' message for the .xml page that was there even when I could load the page, and said it is an issue with my .xml page.

Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? I'm trying to troubleshoot. When I remove the image file path the site loads again from my web host (but with the default black background I want to change).

Please let me know.