Topic: PostcardViewer -Sub Galleries- how to?

Hi ,

In the FAQ for PostcardViewer you say that if we want to show 100 images we should
splitt the gallery into multiple sub-galleries.

But there's no explanation how to create mutiple sub galleries?
Could you please explain how to manage to do it?
Is there a way to have an arrow like in Tiltviewer to access second page of Pictures?

Thank you very much for your help.
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Re: PostcardViewer -Sub Galleries- how to?

To create multiple PostcardViewer galleries, make a copy of the whole PostcardViewer gallery folder for each gallery. Create your individual galleries as normal. You can now create a menu page that links to the index.html page in each sub-folder. Here is an example that contains a menu to navigate between 2 SimpleViewer galleries, a different viewer, but the same process.

PostcardViewer-Pro allows you to load multiple galleries into one container Flash movie. Check the multiple_galleries.fla example.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.