Topic: Want to show full browser pictures - No big "Side picture"

Lets see if  i can explain this right :)

I just bought Simpleviewer Pro from this website, as i want to make a Flash Gallery.
But i dont want preview pics to the left, and a big picture to the right.

i Only want the preview pictures, and then when you click on a picture it resizes to full screen. And then when you click it again it becomes a small preview pic again.

the same way as when you click on the pictures on this site:

Also, i would like to, when you click on a picture, that the big picture, shows as big as possible, according to the browser window.

Ex. if your browser windows is small, the big picture is small accordingly, and if your browser window is big, the same is the big picture :)

I hop you get what i am aiming for :)

Re: Want to show full browser pictures - No big "Side picture"

Sounds like you need to hire a flash developer or use something like shadowbox.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.