Topic: manually modify gallerymaker.xml

How exactly should I manually modify gallerymaker.xml ??
For instance, I would like to add to Lightroom 2.5  the option to choose the transparency (or black or white) of the images that are not shown (=unselectedBrightness). How do I add this in Lightroom ??

I just bought the autoviewer pro, but I am a bit disappointed about the new functionalities in Lightroom; I can't get them in ... Anyone willing to help me?? :)

Re: manually modify gallerymaker.xml

The AutoViewer Pro settings are  modified by editing the file, then republising your SWF. This requires you to use Adobe Flash Pro and can not be set via Lightroom. If you understand Actionscript or hire a developer you could modify the XMLManger and Options files to allow the settings to be set in the XML file and then edit the Lightroom plugin to add the options.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: manually modify gallerymaker.xml

Thanks for your reply!

Is it extremely difficult to add one option to Lightroom ??
Because that was the reason why I bought autoviewer; to make the unselected image disappear in the background-color ...

Do you know how to do that? Or anyone else ??