Topic: Autoviewer redirects to a different site

I had something strange happen on several computers when using Autoviewer in combination with Firefox. When clicking on the gallery link it would redirect me to a completely different site trying to sell me antivirus software. The website I was using Autoviewer on was a simple html code no java scripts PHP or anything like that... just some text and a link to the gallery. Did this happen to anyone else using Autoviewer, and how did you fix it. And yes we checked the server, and the computers in question and the website. Just curious about it.
Not trying to diss the product I have used the simple viewer for couple of years and it is great.

Re: Autoviewer redirects to a different site

Are you referring to clicking the 'autoviewer' button at bottom right of your gallery? That link directs to Sounds like you may have some malware on your system?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.